It seems that my followers on Twitter take great pleasure in seeing me embarrass myself or be in some sort of physical distress. And really, I can’t blame them, that’s funny stuff. Here’s the list of things that I’ve agreed to do as I hit follower milestones:

  1. 5000 Followers- Wear a Rebecca Black t-shirt on stage
  2. 7500 Followers- Do the cinnamon challenge
  3. 10,000 Followers- Wear a Twilight shirt on stage and sing a Big Time Rush song
  4. 15,000 Followers- Wear a Spongebob shirt on stage, do the saltines challenge, and play the Big Time Rush Nintendo DS game
  5. 20,000 Followers- Wear a Big Time Rush shirt on stage and play the Big Time Rush Wii dancing game
  6. 25,000 Followers- Wear a One Direction shirt on stage
  7. 50,000 Followers- Wear a Justin Bieber shirt on stage and propose marriage to him…err, her…err, whatever it is.
I’ll probably let myself get talked into doing even more stupid things, but now I have a comprehensive list. Items that appear in strike through have been done.
P.S. I hate you all for making me wear this shirt.