Sorry if my blog is becoming nothing but football posts lately, but hey- that’s what I’ve been thinking about. Especially since the Dodgers are making me want to bang my head against the wall repeatedly. At least the Raiders have a small (very small) glimmer of hope. And it’s free, so you get what I decide to give you.

Last week I was a much better 9-7, so I’m now 14-18 on the season. As always, these lines are from the ESPN Pigskin Pick’Em game, and bear little resemblance to actual Vegas lines. But hey, you’re not stupid enough to actually bet based on my thoughts, right?

New York Giants(2-1) at Carolina Panthers(1-2) +1.5
I picked the Giants- I swear I did. Then I watched the pregame coverage and read some game previews that said the Giants were banged up and no way they would win. Well, needless to say, the NFL Network and ESPN know even less about football than I do. But they were very convincing, so I changed my pick to the Panthers. What an idiot.

St. Louis Rams(1-1) at Chicago Bears(1-1) -7.5
The Rams have a good defense. The Bears have a horrible offensive line. Sure the Rams haven’t had many sacks, but I expect that to change today, because if there’s anything Jay Cutler does well, it’s get sacked. Take the points.

Buffalo Bills(1-1) at Cleveland Browns(0-2) +2.5
The Bills are bad…but the Browns are worse. Lay the 2.5 and take Buffalo.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(1-1) at Dallas Cowboys(1-1) -7.5
Two mediocre teams square off. I think we’re still in the part of the year where people think Tony Romo is a good QB. I think Dallas wins the game…but not by 8 points. Take the points.

Detroit Lions(1-1) at Tennessee Titans(0-2) +3.5
A decent team against a bad one. Chris Johnson isn’t going to start running against Suh and the rest of the Lions. Lay the points on the road.

Jacksonville Jaguars(0-2) at Indianapolis Colts(1-1) -3.5
The Colts at home are going to get to a winning record. Not because they’re good, but because the Jags are awful.

New York Jets(1-1) at Miami Dolphins(1-1) +3.5
I have to believe the Dolphins are a decent team. It’s either that, or I have to believe the Raiders are terrible, and I’m not ready to make that call yet. Take the fins and the points at home.

San Francisco 49ers(2-0) at Minnesota Vikings(1-1) +7.5
AP probably won’t crack 100 yards against the Niners defense. Can we just put Harbaugh in the HOF now and save ourselves 20 years?

Kansas City Chiefs(0-2) at New Orleans Saints(0-2) -8.5
Romeo Crennell has returned to the form he had with the Browns. I think the memory of Sean Payton is better than the in person coaching of Romeo. Lay the points at home.

Cincinnati Bengals(1-1) at Washington Redskins(1-1) -3.5
This is one of the toughest games to call. The line shows an even match-up, and in that case, I’ll take the home team. Lay the points with RG3.

Philadelphia Eagles(2-0) at Arizona Cardinals(2-0) +4.5
Arizona and Philly have both won games they should have lost. They have to be the worst 2-0 teams in years. I’ll lay the points with Philly, because Kevin Kolb < Michael Vick.

Atlanta Falcons(2-0) at San Diego Chargers(2-0) -2.5
The Falcons are better than San Diego. I think they win this game easy. Until Ryan Mathews is back, the Chargers aren’t a complete team. Take the points.

Houston Texans(2-0) at Denver Broncos(1-1) +1.5
Houston should tee off on Peyton this weekend. 3+ picks again? One can hope. Lay the points.

Pittsburgh Steelers(1-1) at Oakland Raiders(0-2) +4.5
This game is the season for the Raiders. If they can’t beat an injury riddled Pittsburgh team, it’s over. Greg Knapp sucks, but the players might be able to get it together this week. Take the points.

New England Patriots(1-1) at Baltimore Ravens(1-1) -2.5
Joe Flacco still thinks he’s in the same class as Tom Brady. He’s not. I even had a joke printed in the Baltimore Sun about that during the offseason. But with no Hernandez to throw to, I’ll lay the points with Ray Rice and the Ravens.

Green Bay Packers(1-1) at Seattle Seahawks(1-1) +3.5
The Packers are a good team- great offense, terrible defense (the Bears offensive line makes any defense look good). The Seahawks have one of the best home field advantages in the game. I’ll take the points (and I’d take Seattle to win a close one outright).

As always, I know nothing- don’t make these bets. Trust me.