trophyI never thought there was any problem with the traditional bowl system, but it seems I am in the minority with that one. College football has been moving steadily towards ruining tradition in favor of big $$$ TV games, starting with the Bowl Alliance, leading to the BCS, and now the first ever playoffs. Meanwhile, there have been split champions in the BCS era, despite it allegedly being designed to make that not happen anymore. Now we’re set for another college football ranking debacle.

After the college football playoff teams are announced Sunday, there is going to be a lot of bitching from the fans of teams that didn’t make the cut. (My money is on a giant “Waaaaaah!” emanating from Columbus, Ohio and Waco, Texas.) But things don’t have to be this way- here’s how you fix the problem:

  1. Expand the playoffs to 8 teams.
  2. Five of the teams that get in are the conference winners from the Pac-12, Big-12, B1G, ACC, and SEC.
  3. At least one of the remaining three teams must not be in the power conferences (there’s your shot, Boise State and Notre Dame.) This team must win their conference (if they are in one) to be deemed eligible.
  4. The other two at large teams can be from a power conference or not, depending on who the committee deems most worthy.
  5. The opening round of the playoffs will mirror traditional bowl matchups- (B1G vs Pac-12 in the Rose Bowl, )
  6. Anyone saying, “But that means the best two teams might play in the first week!” can shut the hell up. The best team had better be able to beat everyone else if they really are the best.
  7. The 2nd round and final game will rotate through the stadiums associated with these traditional bowl matchups. Yes, Pasadena, you may have one more game to deal with. Tough.

You’re welcome, NCAA, now implement my plan.