Archive: April 2005

April 30 2005

Just because Chris Rock said it, doesn’t mean you can say it. Gotta love redneck quotes. Larry Cochell needs to keep his yap shut and just manage his team, or he’ll end up saying someting as stupid as Reggie White.

April 29 2005

Most recent random celebrity sighting at the Rainbow Room- Mellow Man Ace. He had a big ass hit in the 80s, and was a really nice guy in person. B-Real from Cypress Hill was there too. A quick Prius update[…]

April 23 2005

So the kid from Ladybugs offed himself, and some daughter from Family Matters was in porn. I love the stuff you can find out on the web.

April 22 2005

This may be the funniest Flash animation ever.

April 19 2005

OK- so all I have to do is join the SWAT team to get a helper monkey. I’d love to see a monkey in the outfit they describe.