Archive: June 2005

June 29 2005

Yet another reason to hate the Patriots- their owner gave his ring to a scumbag that is trying to end democracy in Russia.

June 24 2005

I’d rather be sworn in with The Devil’s Dictionary. Don’t mess with this guy. Those people that got messed up by chimps should have tried that. OK- most of these are good quotes, but nothing from Pulp Fiction? Airplane? Blazing[…]

June 8 2005

This guy has to be employee of the month.

June 7 2005

Well, since AOL is deciding to reject a message I was sending to one of their users, I’m just going to post the links here that I wanted him to see: Lick my balls, AOL.

June 7 2005

Kickass- a new high score!

June 7 2005

Only 4 more days until I go under the knife (and laser). Not that anyone cares, but this is my doctor. Not too shabby, eh? He did the same operation I’m getting to George Carlin back in the early 80s[…]

June 6 2005

I’m watching Monster right now, and it just struck me- how was it possible to make a movie with a scene where Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci make out and do it, and yet have it somehow not be hot?