Archive: October 2005

October 28 2005

Well, I did something against the advice of everyone I know, but I had to. At least I didn’t resort to anything this lame. So if you see me with two casts on my legs, just know that it was[…]

October 24 2005

Everyone needs a crazy friend. I have more than one, but the craziest of the crazy we just call Crazy Mike. He’s an outstanding comedian, and a highly trained martial artist that knows about 15 ways to kill a man[…]

October 24 2005

When you’re depressed, stories like this can really cheer you up. This shorter version has a photo.

October 23 2005

Funny story- my old roommate (and friend since Jr. High School) curently attends Fresno State University. I’ve known him for 20 years. He’s got a 22 year old girlfriend that goes to San Jose State. I was browsing their[…]

October 20 2005

This dude is almost the opposite of me– fat and in a frat, yet still named Matt.

October 20 2005

When there’s no more room in hell…the dead will walk the earth. And now on DVD, the best movie of the past 5 years or so.

October 20 2005

You would think that in my 31 years on this planet I would have had time to figure out women, but all I’ve figured out is that none of them make any sense.

October 6 2005

OK, I found a few embarrasing old pictures on the web of me, so I grabbed ’em and put them here for your enjoyment: These are from my days with the Carnegie Mellon University Pipes and Drums. The first two[…]