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March 27 2011

Every Sunday, I’m going post music from a band that you’re probably not listening to, but should. It’ll be a pretty eclectic mix of music, and really the only genre that I expect to never suggest will be that New[…]

March 27 2011

OK, this post is just for nerds; specifically nerds that have an ASUS EeePC 900A that they want to flash the BIOS on. I’m only posting this so that if they run a Google search for tips on how to[…]

March 25 2011

You may or may not know about a cool website called Basically, you go to the site, and you can either offer your services or buy the services of others. Here’s the catch- everything is $5. So you can[…]

March 22 2011

Yes, I’m saying it- Paul was the 3rd most talented Beatle. The proper ranking is: 1) George 2) John 3) Paul 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 – 1,385,342) Random people that have played Beatles Rock Band 1,385,343) Ringo[…]

March 19 2011

I don’t like most movies I see. When it comes to movies, I’m kind of like Mikey in those Life Cereal commercials. I hate everything. One of my big pet peeves from a movie is when it asks me to[…]

March 18 2011

Well, it seems we’re faced with the biggest nuclear crisis the world has seen since George W Bush tried and failed to properly pronounce the word for the 12,000th time. Sure, it’s a bad situation. And it sucks if you[…]

March 15 2011

By now, everyone has heard that Gilbert Gottfried was fired from his Aflac voiceover gig due to his tweets on the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami. Were his jokes in poor taste? Yes, of course they were. That’s what Gilbert Gottfried[…]

March 14 2011

I was at the Ice House in Pasadena again on Friday night, and there was a problematic audience member. I was up 4th on the show, and he had been interrupting every comedian before me. I dealt with it fine[…]

March 11 2011

The world’s greatest drummer not named Buddy Rich is in Japan right now on tour with Tower of Power. Come home safe, David Garibaldi!

March 10 2011

Tomorrow night, 2 shows at the Ice House in Pasadena- 8:30 and 10:15. Call 818-857-8009 for reservations.

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