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April 25 2011

The original Mortal Kombat was a fantastic game- it took the 2D one-on-one fighting found in games like Street Fighter and King of Fighters, and added digitized actors (as seen in Atari’s earlier Pit Fighter) to up the cool factor[…]

April 24 2011

I’m not a fan of most country music, and the few country artists I do enjoy tend to be either universally loved (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, etc.) or cool underground acts (The Groovy Rednecks). Part of the reason I eschew[…]

April 22 2011

If the Dodgers weren’t such a mess, Kim Ng never would have left in the first place. Now that baseball needs a trustee to run the team, I can think of no one better suited for the job. She knows[…]

April 21 2011

While picking up a sandwich at my local Subway, I saw this in the parking lot: Here’s a close-up in case you can’t tell what that is: I have no idea what this signifies, unless it means that unless you[…]

April 20 2011

Bruce Dickinson really loves to yell “Scream for me” when on stage, and since Eddie is a horror staple, it’s practically kismet that it fits as the title for a movie review. I’ll make this review pretty simple- if you[…]

April 19 2011

Tonight, come see me in Corona at Dempsy’s at 9 PM:511 N. Main St.Corona, CA 92880 The place gets a stellar 2 star rating on, and really, how can you pass that opportunity up? Here’s a quote from Yelp[…]

April 18 2011

This week the “band” I’ve selected is just a duo, and they rarely play together, but the music they make is so incredible it has to be shared. Chick Corea is one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time[…]

April 14 2011

I love hypocrites, simply because it’s so fun to see them squirm when they get caught. Dante places them in the 8th Circle of Hell in his Inferno, and I hope the perpetrators of this end up roasting there with[…]

April 14 2011

I just read this article about how there is a language in Mexico that is spoken by only two persons, and they refuse to talk to each other. Call me a cultural elitist, but I find losing a language to[…]

April 11 2011

Sam Kinison died 19 years ago yesterday, and the world lost one of the greatest stand-up comedians to ever grace the stage. I never met the man, and wasn’t quite old enough to get to see him perform live, but[…]

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