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July 27 2011

Captain America is an interesting superhero. He is just a scrawny kid who by the use of science is transformed into a man that has superhuman strength, reflexes, and super goodness. Or at least that’s what I picked up watching[…]

July 26 2011

When you read a story about a kangaroo attacking an old woman, it’s begging to be shared. The best part: “Upon alighting from the car the kangaroo approached one of the officers, the kangaroo was aggressive and the officer had[…]

July 25 2011

This guy is really creepy. Really, really, creepy. Any teachers out there actually doing this? This is also why everyone should be listening to Howard Stern- you don’t get these interviews elsewhere.

July 22 2011

Finally, something worth paying attention to has come out of Comic-Con. I haven’t been this excited in a long while. Not only do Beavis and Butthead return, they do it with a Cornholio episode, and they watch Jersey Shore. I[…]

July 19 2011

I snapped this photo while driving on the 605 yesterday: That license plate reads “MGA ADZ“. Mega AIDS?!? Really? If you have that, I don’t think you want to drive around advertising that fact to the entire world. You should[…]

July 18 2011

I just finished Red Dead Redemption and recently finished L.A. Noire from Rockstar Games; if you haven’t played either of those yet and still want to, stop reading now- this whole post is a spoiler. For those of you that[…]

July 15 2011

In light of the impending debt crisis we’re facing in America, there is only one solution. It’s not congress raising the debt ceiling, it’s not cutting spending, it’s not raising taxes. It’s…an Americathon. It just goes to show that all[…]

July 14 2011

Everyone who knows me knows about my love of freaks. Nature’s mistakes, mutant creatures are quite simply awesome. This albino two headed California Kingsnake is on display at a zoo in Yalta. It’s so cool it makes me want to[…]

July 14 2011

I’ve only walked out on two movies in my lifetime- the first was Spike Lee’s Crooklyn, which until Tuesday night was the worst film I’d ever seen (most of) in a theater. Now I can unequivocally state that Transformers: Dark[…]

July 10 2011

Stop the presses- the most improbable news story of the year has to be that not one, but two, that’s right two extremely funny movies have been made this year starring cast members from Saturday Night Live. That show is[…]

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