Archive: February 2012

February 22 2012

Since I have developed a “fan base” of adolescents and young adults, I’m going to try to influence them. This post is the first in a series with advice I’ll be giving about things that will help make their lives[…]

February 15 2012

This post is a unique cross section of narcissism and nerdism that is of little interest to anyone. So, of course I felt compelled to share it with the world. Enjoy- or don’t. It really doesn’t matter to me. About[…]

February 8 2012

A while ago I was introduced to an actor that had appeared in some vampire/werewolf/supernatural show on ABC in a couple episodes. After a few seconds I was annoyed when he launched into complaints about being underpaid, “I mean, it’s[…]

February 7 2012

If everyone that is opposed to Prop 8 had bothered to vote in the first place, all the legal machinations of the past few years would be totally unnecessary. But the decision today does little in the way of actually bringing true[…]

February 3 2012

Gee Nickelodeon, either a rogue employee has gone crazy, you had a password that was far too easy for a malcontent to guess, or you got yourselves phished. In any case, this will not end well. The fact that it[…]