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January 24 2012

While discussing the Shorty Awards yesterday on their Sirius/XM show, Opie & Anthony brought up the comedian category and Jim Norton, who is a frequent contributor to their show. My name came up, and they have no idea who I[…]

January 12 2012

This Sunday, January 15th at 8 PM I’ll be at the Neon Venus Art Theater in Hollywood with some great comics, including the incomparable Mike Muratore. Come on out!

January 4 2012

This position probably won’t last- but it’s nice to see. If you want to do me a solid (as in favor, not bowel movement), then tweet the following: “I nominate @funnymatt for a Shorty Award in #comedian because…” This is[…]

December 22 2011

As I write this, my friend and colleague in the world of comedy is in the last stretches of his fight with cancer. He’s not going to win, but he gave it all he had, and after seeing him one last time[…]

December 8 2011

I snagged this lightbox poster after my gig tonight. I was just walking by when they were changing it, I didn’t seek it out and put a lot of effort into getting it. So I slapped it up on my[…]

April 19 2011

Tonight, come see me in Corona at Dempsy’s at 9 PM:511 N. Main St.Corona, CA 92880 The place gets a stellar 2 star rating on, and really, how can you pass that opportunity up? Here’s a quote from Yelp[…]

March 14 2011

I was at the Ice House in Pasadena again on Friday night, and there was a problematic audience member. I was up 4th on the show, and he had been interrupting every comedian before me. I dealt with it fine[…]

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