Category: stupid people

August 9 2012

It seems that my followers on Twitter take great pleasure in seeing me embarrass myself or be in some sort of physical distress. And really, I can’t blame them, that’s funny stuff. Here’s the list of things that I’ve agreed to do[…]

June 7 2012

I’ve noticed that the commercial below has been altered in the version I’ve seen on TV lately. First, the commercial as it originally aired. So, were you offended by anything in that? Was there anything that glamorized inappropriate behavior? Do[…]

May 22 2012

Sometimes, I agree to do stupid things. One of the stupidest I agreed to do was to try the cinnamon challenge when I got to 7500 followers on Twitter. It happened to coincide with me stopping by the set of[…]

April 4 2012

Sure, it’s all fine and good for answering a security question online, but when calling customer service, not so much.

June 6 2011

That’s what you’ll hear cried all across the state of Alaska when chopping down the trees necessary to release Sarah Palin’s e-mails from her time as governor of Alaska. Because, you know, it’s not like these messages originated electronically, or[…]

June 2 2011

If- or rather, when, something bad happens to this family at sea, it will not be a tragedy, and I really hope we don’t waste the time of our rescue crews and/or military. I predict a capsizing or two, perhaps[…]