Category: tv

August 24 2011

I’ve been watching a lot of Maude lately, because it comes on at a convenient time, it has a great theme song, and well, it holds up rather well considering it’s almost 40 years ago that it was made. Sadly[…]

June 14 2011

There is a glut of single camera comedies on the air right now- Modern Family, The Office, Community, 30 Rock, Cougar Town, and Outsourced are just a few. Single camera comedies have a long tradition in television history, such as[…]

June 2 2011

How is Ben Shapiro complaining about the content of Sesame Street when he’s is among the gayest pundits I’ve ever seen on TV? Seriously, he makes George Takei look straight. This panel doesn’t seem to understand that the reason Hollywood[…]

May 13 2011

This is an interesting debate between a moron that doesn’t understand statistics, and a man that is remarkably restrained considering what’s being said. The idiot reporter implying that there is something harmful about gay characters on TV just goes to[…]

May 3 2011

When I went to China back in 2004, I remember the TV shows on the flight were amazing. It was all Japanese television, which is a treat. One was a reality show that had a translated title of something along[…]