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February 11 2014

If you follow me on social media, then you undoubtedly know that I like to make fun Twitter headers where I copy my face onto interesting pictures. Twitter, however, sucks balls, and likes to screw with their format for doing[…]

March 14 2013

I know, I know, I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’m busy, and I tweet most of my thoughts before they get to blog form anyway. Speaking of me tweeting, I’ve compiled some of my best tweets and put them[…]

August 9 2012

It seems that my followers on Twitter take great pleasure in seeing me embarrass myself or be in some sort of physical distress. And really, I can’t blame them, that’s funny stuff. Here’s the list of things that I’ve agreed to do[…]

May 22 2012

Sometimes, I agree to do stupid things. One of the stupidest I agreed to do was to try the cinnamon challenge when I got to 7500 followers on Twitter. It happened to coincide with me stopping by the set of[…]

March 31 2012

…allow me to explain what the hell it is I do with my Twitter feed. I really won’t blame you for a) wondering just what the hell it is I’m tweeting, or b) unfollowing because it is of little to[…]

August 5 2011

I decided to add every Matt (and Matthew) Walker I could find on Twitter, since we share the same name. We have some famous people that are also Matt Walkers, including an NHL player, a drummer that played with the[…]