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October 5 2003

Am I the only person who busted out laughing when hearing the news about Siegfried and Roy? I guess I’m just evil. Oh well, I’m off to bed so I wake up all nice and rested to watch the Raiders[…]

October 3 2003

I had to go to the Credit Union this afternoon- some jackass got my check card number and tried a transaction for $1528 in Istanbul, Turkey. So now I’m without an ATM card for the next week or so, but[…]

October 3 2003

Ahh, another fine set at the Un-Urban tonight. You know, some people might not like waiting two hours to get 6 minutes of stage time in front of an unappreciative audience, but not me. I’m a glutton for punishment. 😉[…]

October 2 2003

Well, as expected I got NO laughs at Amagi’s- but then, I don’t think anyone did while I was there. Sometimes I wonder about the usefulness of open mic shows where the only people there are other open mic comics[…]

October 1 2003

The roast of Dante went well last night- headlining the stand-up portion was Joey Medina, one of the Original Latin Kings of Comedy currently airing on Showtime. Also roasting Dante were Dixon Matthews, Ken Pringle (head honcho at Chucklemonkey), Fred[…]

September 30 2003

Who is this chick? And why is it that she is the person companies ALWAYS use when they want to show their customer service department? I’ve worked at companies with phone support departments- she’s 100 times hotter than any chick[…]

September 29 2003

This is a great site: For Me to Poop On! It’s always fun to do things like this to a former employer. Hmm, this should be a good way to start off roasting Dante…

September 29 2003

I’ve been sick a lot lately- but it’s not that bad, since I get to take DayQuil. That’s some goooooood shit. The Raiders beat the Chargers today- I was scared there for a little while, but the defense finally stepped[…]

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