<hyperbolie>Hey kids, it’s Sunday! That means it’s time for another installment of my popular web series, Sunday’s Band That You’re Not Listening To…But Should!</hyperbolie>

OK, I may have exaggerated with my use of the terms “popular”, “series”, and “Should”, but here’s a band that is fantastic that I’m pretty sure you’re not listening to. They are Bononia Sound Machine, an Italian Soul/R&B band. When you want the best in classic American style R&B, sadly you can’t find it from American musicians anymore- you have to go listen to singers like Joss Stone or Stefanie Heinzmann.

Bononia Sound Machine has a fantastic horn section, great arrangements, and was recently signed to Doc Kupka’s record label, Strokeland Records. It’s also awesome to hear this kind of music being sung in Italian, and in English with a heavy Italian accent. Crank up the sound on your computer, watch the video below, and rock out to some Italian soul music.

And of course a band like this has some involvement with the greatest band of all time, Tower of Power- you can see Mimi Castillo killing it on “Doin’ it TOP Style” from their album Funky Dreams.

Divertitevi, ciao!