No one can possibly be surprised by this anymore- from MSNBC:

Lance Armstrong’s former teammate, Tyler Hamilton, says Armstrong and other team leaders encouraged, promoted and took part in a doping program in an effort to win the Tour de France in 1999 and beyond, according to a report aired Sunday night on “60 Minutes.”

Hamilton said he saw Armstrong take performance-enhancing drugs, EPO and testosterone and also saw him receive a banned blood transfusion in 2000.

Lance is a fraud, and he’s had at least as much evidence come out to support his use of performance enhancing drugs as Barry Bonds. Let’s stop it with the hero worship of athletes America, 99% of the time the end up being total douchebags. Except for Jim Plunkett. You should all still bow to him. And Bo Jackson. And Jackie Robinson and Sandy Kofax. But that’s it.