I haven’t attended the E3 show in a few years, but I have been to 5 of them. They are in general crowded, noisy, and overhyped, and from what I’ve seen in the press, this year was no different. It’s yet another year where Sega fails to utter the only phrase I care about, “Shenmue 3”. I just hope Yu Suzuki has written out the entire saga on Ryo Hazuki and Lan Di, so at least sometime in the future I’ll learn what happens. It’s been 12 years; I think it’s time that the man behind the Chi You Men was brought to justice. If you have no idea about what it is I’m writing, check this out:

It’s the best game on the best game system to ever be built. “Epic” barely begins to describe the game. If I ever become wealthy, I’ll hire Suzuki-san to finish the game just for me. I think I’d only need to save up about $50,000,000, so I’m sure I’ll have that in no time.
Come on Sega, just because you were incompetent with marketing the Dreamcast and the American and Japanese populations were dumb enough to jump on the Sony bandwagon instead, doesn’t mean that you can’t finish what you started. You were the greatest and most innovative gaming company in the world at one time- Shenmue 3 would be a way to get that status back. With the motion capture and motion control technology that is now available, you could make the most immersive world ever seen in gaming. We could speak to our TV to ask random persons if they know where we can find sailors and actually mimic driving a forklift.
So please Sega, I’m not above begging, I’m really not. In the meantime I’ll play around in the Elder Scrolls universe, in the world of Bioshock, and battle the Covenant and the Flood in the future with the Halo series. But I’m always keeping an eye out for Lan Di.