OK, I’ve often been told that I look much like Louis C.K., and I agree. Since he’s one of the comedians I most admire, I’m sure that we have more in common than just our handsome faces. (OK, feel free to disagree, but remember, if you do you’re talking about Louis, too!) I decided to see just how closely we compare:

Louis C.K.
Matt Walker
Profile View- yep, we look pretty much the same.
I clearly have more hair and have blue eyes as opposed to brown…
…but those are pretty much the only differences. Well, except me being even more pale than Louis C.K., but that’s probably studio lighting and make-up.
Spent his early years in Mexico Grew up in Pico Rivera, CA Basically the same thing. When Mexican grocery chain Gigante opened their first US location, it was in Pico Rivera, for good reason.
Lived in Boston and New York for much of his adult life. Has hated Boston and New York for his entire adult life. Not the same thing, and this would seem to imply that I am a much better driver than Louis C.K.
One of the 5 funniest comics working today. One of the 5 funniest comics from Pico Rivea. I’ll say Louis C.K. is clearly not the same comedically as me, and I hope in 15 years I’m as funny as he is today.
Wrote and directed Pootie Tang. Has never written or directed a feature film. Coincidentally, the total box office gross is the same.
Won an Emmy. 5 time Academic Decathlon medalist. While Louis only won once, I won 5 times!
Has many famous friends, including Chris Rock. Hangs out with Stephen Glickman. My famous friend is bigger than his. Not his career, but physically.

Now you know how I compare to Louis C.K. If you think of any other ways I can compare and contrast myself to him, please comment below and I’ll add them to the chart.