Fool me twice, shame on my dumb ass for believing they would actually get me my copy of Dark Souls on the release date as they promised. After the L.A. Noire delay due to UPS not having their damn planes working properly, I would expect Amazon to have done everything possible to ensure there were no more delays with pre-orders on high profile games, especially with those of us who got screwed the last time.  At least that time they gave me a credit of about $15 total to make up for the delay (and that was only one day!)

My expectations, apparently, are invalid, since it seems they didn’t send out my order yet, and will not be sending it for a few more days. I should have stuck with going to a local game store. This time they offered to extend my Amazon Prime membership by one month, which is a pathetic attempt at making amends.

The moral of the story- don’t trust to do what they say they will.  I fully expect to write another pissed off blog post on November 11th after they screw up the release date delivery of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.