I often refer to football players and other professional athletes as idiots. Just listen to interviews of athletes talking about, well, anything and you’ll see that I’m almost always right about that. Just look at the former players that comment on their old sports, and they usually show they lack a fundamental understanding of what it takes to be good at it (i.e. John Kruk, Rob Dibble, and every other former baseball player on ESPN).

Well, now I found a copy of the Wonderlic test online, which is the IQ test given to football players at the NFL draft combine. You get to take a version of the test, and it gives you a score that you can compare to how actual players have done on the test. Let’s see if I have any room to talk about athletes being dumb, shall we?

I Scored 50/50, which is as good as Pat McInally, who attended Harvard University. McInally served as the Bengals punter from 1976 to 1985 and has the only perfect score on the Wonderlic in NFL history.

Yeah, I’m going to still talk about athletes being dumb. Now if I only had some actual athletic ability I’d have some room to criticize them for being crappy at their sports. Screw it, I’ll do that anyway, though they’re all better than I am at everything that doesn’t require any sort of thinking.