It’s been said that you know you’re getting old when your idols start to die. Roger Ebert passing away this week is just the latest in a disturbing trend of my idols that are now dying off. Let’s look at the list, shall we?

Buddy Rich– He was known as the World’s Greatest Drummer for good reason. Died April 2, 1987.

Richard Feynman– a Nobel prize winner, brilliant author, and all around fascinating guy. Died February 15, 1988.

Sam Kinison– my favorite comedian of all time. He broke all the rules, yet it worked for him. Died April 10, 1992.

Stanley Kubrick– the greatest filmmaker to ever live not named “Hitchcock”. He also did things on his own terms- the mark of a true artist. Died March 7, 1999.

Roger Ebert– the man that made me learn to LOVE movies, not just as entertainment, but as works of art. Died April 4, 2013.

What this tells me is that I hope David Garibaldi, Howard Stern, and Louis C.K. are very careful in February, March, and April from now on.