After a lot of work dealing with video formats, talking with possible distribution partners, waiting through a 17 day continuous upload of a 100+ GB file, creating a bunch of crappy movie posters to match various specifications…my comedy special is finally available on Amazon Prime Instant Video! This means you can watch it online for free with your Prime Account (and every time you do, I make 8 cents!) You can also buy a copy to keep or give away for just $5 on my website- watch the trailer below, then click the crappy movie poster looking thing to get details about how to watch the special on Amazon or buy a copy. Or just click here if you don’t want to click my face.

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I have a few thank yous as part of this launch- so thank you to the following:

Mike Muratore for taking me on the road with you for so many years to help me become a real comic

Stephen Glickman for your friendship and always having my back

Tonya Moon for emceeing the shows and helping with the venue

The staff at the Ice House in Pasadena for facilitating a great show

Jon Ros, Mark Armenta, and Luis Carlos Salgado for filming the event

Carlos Escobar for his great photography helping me achieve my vision for the packaging

Everyone that showed up to laugh– you’re the reason I do this

All the bookers who have ever booked me– your stage time has been invaluable

Frank Estrada and the crew at the Wing Fix– you have given me stage time within walking distance for the last year and a half, and I really appreciate that

/r/standup– it’s been the best place to talk shop about the art of comedy for a years, and I have fun on there

There are probably some people I’m overlooking, and I apologize for that.


Go watch it now and tell your friends to watch it too- it’s free if you have Amazon Prime!