2015[1]I keep seeing lists of comics to watch in 2015, and as a bit of an insider in the industry, I thought I’d share my list of the top 5 comics to watch out for in 2015!

  1. Matt Walker: Seriously, I’m hilarious. You should really check me out.
  2. Matt Walker: Yeah, still me. I’m like, really, really good at comedy.
  3. Matt Walker: Hey, who’s that Matt Walker guy that Matt Walker keeps talking about?
  4. Matt Walker: Yep. Matt Walker. Again. I guess you should come watch me do a show or something.
  5. Matt Walker: Big surprise, the list is anchored by Matt Walker. I’m the funniest Matt Walker that ever was a Matt Walker.

But here are some other really funny people you should go see if you get the chance: Mike Muratore, Stephen Glickman, Steven Pearl, Chris Neff, Kris Lezetc, Jeffrey Keller, Sean Williams, Kris Rubio, Henrietta Komras, and Matt Walker. I put about 12 seconds thought into that list, so if I left you out, it’s clearly because I hate you and think very little of you as a performer.

Now go watch some comedy in person, have a good time, and check out my special on Amazon Prime.