Archive: July 2004

July 26 2004

This site is pretty funny. I especially like the hatemail from morons who don’t realize it’s all a joke. GEORGE W BUSH IS TEH BEST!!!

July 20 2004

Ugh. I may never swim again. The statistics in this story are just gross. 0.14 grams of feces? I’m going to go take a shower. Oh, this was a piece of shit movie, but it has one of the funniest[…]

July 18 2004

I had a good set in San Benardino last night.  There was a strip club just up the street that I heard about on the news today- apparently they are known for doing more than stripping, shall we say?  I[…]

July 16 2004

Well, I had a shitty night last night.  First I got to do the Friar’s Club in front of all comics, and that wasn’t bad.  Then we drove out to Slick’s in Norco where I tanked.  But after I got[…]

July 10 2004

OK, this just kicks ass. For a list of things to have it do, try these sites. What kind of drugs were they on when they came up with this? My favorite command? “Taco Bell”. Gotta love the Subserviant Chicken.

July 8 2004

Hmm- interesting description of a Yam. Bluefish are pretty cool. And this is an interesting search.

July 6 2004

Well, looks like Dick Riordan is very appropriately named… All kinds of fun stuff