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August 24 2011

Fright Night is what vampire movies should be- hot chicks, blood and guts, cool vampire death effects, explosions, fangs, and vampires that obey the rules we all know they have- like NOT WALKING AROUND DURING THE DAY WITH GLITTER ON[…]

August 24 2011

I’ve been watching a lot of Maude lately, because it comes on at a convenient time, it has a great theme song, and well, it holds up rather well considering it’s almost 40 years ago that it was made. Sadly[…]

August 22 2011

I saw this article today about a woman that is eschewing mirrors for a year, 6 months of which leads up to her wedding. Knowing that she will want to look her best as a bride, I’m willing to help[…]

August 14 2011

OK, a few weeks ago I saw the best movie of the year, and I’m just now writing about it. My love of all things Errol Morris is well documented, and he’s made not just the best documentaries I’ve ever[…]

August 12 2011

By saying that I don’t mean that football sucks, or that the games suck, I mean that the league and its policies suck. Especially Roger Goodell (pictured), the commissioner and executive in charge of screwing over the fans at every[…]

August 8 2011

Babe Ruth. OJ Simpson. Jesse Owens. Takeru Kobayashi. Michael Spitz. All of these are great athletes, but one is not like the others. OJ Simpson, he’s locked up. Each of these athletes had a period of dominance that was unparalleled[…]

August 7 2011

That title could also be Cowboys and Clichés. Actually, Clichés and Clichés would be the most accurate. I was excited to see Cowboys and Aliens, but it made me realize that not every cool comic book should be made into[…]

August 5 2011

I decided to add every Matt (and Matthew) Walker I could find on Twitter, since we share the same name. We have some famous people that are also Matt Walkers, including an NHL player, a drummer that played with the[…]

August 5 2011

Well, if these persons were smart they probably would have paid their child support to begin with. The added sting of the realization that they weren’t getting tickets makes this even better than if they had been swarmed as soon[…]

August 5 2011

Here’s a quick rant, so you should probably read this in an Andy Rooney voice. Though the persons at whom it is directed probably won’t know what an Andy Rooney voice sounds like, and I refuse to start it by[…]

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