Archive: March 2012

March 31 2012

…allow me to explain what the hell it is I do with my Twitter feed. I really won’t blame you for a) wondering just what the hell it is I’m tweeting, or b) unfollowing because it is of little to[…]

March 30 2012

I mean, in a traditional retail location, there’s no way such a deep discount could be given, right? And of course such a staggering discount deserves a special e-mail to alert me to this great deal. Well played Amazon, well played.

March 29 2012

By now, if you’re bothering to read this you should know that I won the 2012 Shorty Award for the #comedian category. It was a great excuse to visit New York City where I had a great time. In the[…]

March 24 2012

Look for a car with decorations like this.

March 17 2012

Now that’s clearly a top notch organization. No chance of catching anything from them I’m sure.