Archive: July 2012

July 21 2012

OK, I’ve launched my new website, which uses some pretty nifty tricks to make it so that it will work well on a screen of any size. What this means is that when you look at it on your phone[…]

July 20 2012

I don’t know why I never bothered to put this online before now, but here’s video from the actual Shorty Award ceremony when I won. Yes, I know, no one really cares. Even I don’t.

July 16 2012

<nerd post>Yes, I’m aware that responsiveable isn’t a word. But it’s just an excuse for me to show off what I’m working on right now as a change to this site. I’m making a new design that is responsive, meaning[…]

July 11 2012

By now, I assume you’ve read the report of Daniel Tosh allegedly telling some rape jokes on stage, which led to an audience member shouting out that they weren’t funny, to which he responded saying that it would be funny[…]

July 3 2012

I was looking up a stat that I remember seeing on the excellent PBS documentary African American Lives with Dr. Henry Louis Gates about the veracity of claims of Native American heritage among Black Americans, and in doing so I was trying[…]