Archive: September 2012

September 24 2012

Facebook is out of control when it comes to sharing your activity online. It seems anything you do on any site ends up being reported back to your Facebook friends without you even knowing about it. You may think that’s[…]

September 24 2012

I often refer to football players and other professional athletes as idiots. Just listen to interviews of athletes talking about, well, anything and you’ll see that I’m almost always right about that. Just look at the former players that comment[…]

September 23 2012

Sorry if my blog is becoming nothing but football posts lately, but hey- that’s what I’ve been thinking about. Especially since the Dodgers are making me want to bang my head against the wall repeatedly. At least the Raiders have[…]

September 16 2012

Last week I was a miserable 5-11 against the spread. That was after some effort put in to writing my thought on each game. Just goes to show I don’t know anything. Here are my picks for this week. (I[…]

September 15 2012

When you hear “Great Britain”, what do you think of? Right- annoying accents, tea, foppish men, bad teeth, awful food, rain, the Queen, and… oh yeah, great music. Yesterday, there was a trend on Twitter with the hash tag #BestBritishBandsEver[…]

September 5 2012

This is what I look like on game day. I am. This is the year the Raiders turn it all around! Or it could just be the year where they do pretty much the same as the last few and[…]