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January 24 2012

While discussing the Shorty Awards yesterday on their Sirius/XM show, Opie & Anthony brought up the comedian category and Jim Norton, who is a frequent contributor to their show. My name came up, and they have no idea who I[…]

January 12 2012

This Sunday, January 15th at 8 PM I’ll be at the Neon Venus Art Theater in Hollywood with some great comics, including the incomparable Mike Muratore. Come on out!

January 4 2012

This position probably won’t last- but it’s nice to see. If you want to do me a solid (as in favor, not bowel movement), then tweet the following: “I nominate @funnymatt for a Shorty Award in #comedian because…” This is[…]

December 22 2011

As I write this, my friend and colleague in the world of comedy is in the last stretches of his fight with cancer. He’s not going to win, but he gave it all he had, and after seeing him one last time[…]

June 29 2011

OK, I’ve often been told that I look much like Louis C.K., and I agree. Since he’s one of the comedians I most admire, I’m sure that we have more in common than just our handsome faces. (OK, feel free[…]

June 24 2011

Everyone that knows me knows that I loved the movie Avatar. It’s the reason I got a Blue Ray player, I have jokes about it in my act, and I even made the photo you see below (yeah, I’m a[…]

May 30 2011

As a comedian, I often do shows that are either preceded or followed by karaoke. (Luckily, I have yet to do one that runs concurrently to karaoke singing, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to be asked to do so.)[…]

April 11 2011

Sam Kinison died 19 years ago yesterday, and the world lost one of the greatest stand-up comedians to ever grace the stage. I never met the man, and wasn’t quite old enough to get to see him perform live, but[…]

March 15 2011

By now, everyone has heard that Gilbert Gottfried was fired from his Aflac voiceover gig due to his tweets on the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami. Were his jokes in poor taste? Yes, of course they were. That’s what Gilbert Gottfried[…]

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