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October 23 2011

Back to back weeks of 9-4 ATS? Looks like my skills as a prognosticator are getting better. Too bad I was only 2-2 with my Best Bets. Injuries have sure thrown the Raiders into upheaval- lets hope Carson Palmer can play Jim[…]

October 16 2011

Finally a good week at picking games ATS. 9-4, not too shabby, eh?  Even my best bets went 3-0. If ever there was a week to heed my advice and head to your bookie, that was it. I doubt I[…]

October 9 2011

Al Davis passed away this morning, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that he was always a personal hero of mine.  Not only did he own my favorite team in all of professional sports, he changed the[…]

October 1 2011

Last week I did far better than in week 2, with a record of 9-6-1 against the spread, and 2-2-1 in my best bets.  I’m switching the lines I use to be the ones from ESPN’s fantasy Pick ’em game from now[…]

September 24 2011

OK, so last week I ended up 7-6-2 and 2-2 in my best bets.  So I’m marginally better at prognosticating NFL games than a coin, but we’ll see if I can do better this week.  Lines are taken from; home team[…]

September 19 2011

I’m at 7-5-2 for the weekend against the spread, with one game to play, and my best picks are 2-1 with one game to play. Not as good as I had hoped, but I’ll take it.

September 16 2011

I’m in a pick ’em league, but it’s just straight up, so I thought I’d start to list my picks against the spread in my blog so I can see how well I do over the course of the season[…]