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August 12 2011

By saying that I don’t mean that football sucks, or that the games suck, I mean that the league and its policies suck. Especially Roger Goodell (pictured), the commissioner and executive in charge of screwing over the fans at every[…]

August 8 2011

Babe Ruth. OJ Simpson. Jesse Owens. Takeru Kobayashi. Michael Spitz. All of these are great athletes, but one is not like the others. OJ Simpson, he’s locked up. Each of these athletes had a period of dominance that was unparalleled[…]

July 4 2011

Labor strife is rampant in the sports world these days. The NFL is in the midst of a lock out (that ultimately may turn out to not affect the season at all), the NBA just started a lockout that will[…]

July 3 2011

In case you were wondering why so many Dodger fans are disgusted with the current owners of the team, this article is a pretty good rundown of what they’ve done wrong. This is the first year in the past three[…]

June 10 2011

NASCAR Races = Boring. NASCAR after races = interesting. Here’s an excerpt from an article on Childress was found solely at fault for the incident at Kansas Speedway, where he apparently approached Busch after the race, placed him in[…]

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