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May 31 2011

Because if you do, you should tell Owen Wilson. It’s disturbing to stare at his crooked schnoz blown up to 5 feet on a movie screen for an hour and a half. This is a review (of sorts) of Midnight[…]

May 30 2011

As a comedian, I often do shows that are either preceded or followed by karaoke. (Luckily, I have yet to do one that runs concurrently to karaoke singing, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to be asked to do so.)[…]

May 28 2011

Gil Scott-Heron is considered the godfather of rap music, and I was saddened to hear that he passed away today. Here’s his epic The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. This is so good, it almost makes me hate whitey. Maybe[…]

May 23 2011

The guys over at Melrose and Fairfax published this photo that I took while driving on the 101 the other day. Go check out their blog to learn who the artists are that did this, and you’ll also see a[…]

May 23 2011

No one can possibly be surprised by this anymore- from MSNBC: Lance Armstrong’s former teammate, Tyler Hamilton, says Armstrong and other team leaders encouraged, promoted and took part in a doping program in an effort to win the Tour de[…]

May 23 2011

I just imported my archive of old blog posts, so if you ever feel like seeing what the hell I was thinking about in 2003, now you can. You’ll probably mostly find a bunch of broken links and missing images[…]

May 23 2011

Yes, we’re still here. This snafu couldn’t have happened to a bigger group of douchebags. Too bad the Family Radio group didn’t all off themselves this weekend, which would rid us of a huge group of homophobic asshats. At least[…]

May 20 2011

While the Onion article entitled Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex is funny in of itself, the reaction to it is even better. One would think that these idiots would realize that it’s satire, but I’m convinced that they don’t[…]

May 19 2011

…about your stupid kids that were giant dumbasses who thought it was a good idea to go hiking in Iran. Have your hunger strike, I’ll be eating burgers and donuts. MINNEAPOLIS — The mothers of two Americans held in Iran[…]

May 17 2011

This is the reason I won’t be playing LA Noire tonight. What can brown do for me? Apparently make me more productive today, since I won’t be playing the game I’ve been salivating over for months. Fix your stupid airplanes[…]

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