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April 17 2019

I haven’t blogged in years, but some things are better done in this format than as Facebook posts or tweets. I got an Echo Dot a couple months ago, and I wanted to make it play both my podcasts without[…]

December 11 2014

After a lot of work dealing with video formats, talking with possible distribution partners, waiting through a 17 day continuous upload of a 100+ GB file, creating a bunch of crappy movie posters to match various specifications…my comedy special is[…]

March 30 2012

I mean, in a traditional retail location, there’s no way such a deep discount could be given, right? And of course such a staggering discount deserves a special e-mail to alert me to this great deal. Well played Amazon, well played.

October 5 2011

Fool me twice, shame on my dumb ass for believing they would actually get me my copy of Dark Souls on the release date as they promised. After the L.A. Noire delay due to UPS not having their damn planes[…]

June 2 2011

For quite some time I’ve thought of most new music as crap to which I would never listen. I know that makes me sound like my father, but we all get to that point eventually. More than once I’ve said[…]