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January 31 2017

Let’s make today into Burn a Bridge Tuesday! I present to you an annotated Flappers newsletter, based on my experiences in dealing with this club. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t mention their GoFundMe to raise money to build a green room bathroom[…]

January 21 2017

I finally have some new content for, and it’s my favorite one in a long time. Stranger Things fans are apparently very protective of their crappy show.

June 9 2015

My album, H8R, has been out for a little over a year, and the comedy special has been up on Amazon prime for about 6 months. I was curious about where the people were that have listened/watched, so I pulled[…]

December 29 2014

I keep seeing lists of comics to watch in 2015, and as a bit of an insider in the industry, I thought I’d share my list of the top 5 comics to watch out for in 2015! Matt Walker: Seriously, I’m[…]

December 11 2014

After a lot of work dealing with video formats, talking with possible distribution partners, waiting through a 17 day continuous upload of a 100+ GB file, creating a bunch of crappy movie posters to match various specifications…my comedy special is[…]

July 20 2014

I saw a post on Facebook earlier today asking about who we thought the most underrated comedians were. That got me thinking about a few comedians that died before they really broke through to huge mainstream success. One of whom[…]

April 26 2014

As you’ve probably seen me talk about, my album is about to be released on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox, and every other online storefront. I’ll also have physical copies available that can be purchased from my website. I’m not[…]

March 14 2014

Hey everyone- I’m recording my first comedy album, H8R, on March 22nd at the Ice House in Pasadena. Also performing are Mike Muratore, Stephen Glickman, and Tonya Moon. There are two shows- 8:30 and 10:30. Tickets are $10 at the[…]

June 17 2013

10 years ago today I set foot on stage (if you can call a portion of the bar at a bowling alley a stage) to do comedy for the very first time. I did a minute of “jokes” that I[…]

July 11 2012

By now, I assume you’ve read the report of Daniel Tosh allegedly telling some rape jokes on stage, which led to an audience member shouting out that they weren’t funny, to which he responded saying that it would be funny[…]

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