Category: band that you’re not listening to

May 9 2011

OK, it’s technically a couple hours into Monday, but I haven’t gone to sleep and woken up yet, so it’s still Sunday night as far as I’m concerned. This band is one which I’m sure none of my friends have[…]

May 1 2011

In 1999, I went to see Fear Factory play at the House of Blues, and had a great time watching the opening band. They handed out cassette tapes that were demos for their upcoming debut album, and I just about[…]

April 24 2011

I’m not a fan of most country music, and the few country artists I do enjoy tend to be either universally loved (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, etc.) or cool underground acts (The Groovy Rednecks). Part of the reason I eschew[…]

April 18 2011

This week the “band” I’ve selected is just a duo, and they rarely play together, but the music they make is so incredible it has to be shared. Chick Corea is one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time[…]

April 10 2011

OK, it’s the third installment of this series, and we come to a band that operates in a genre of music that most of you don’t even know exists. But that’s why you have me as a friend, to teach[…]

April 3 2011

<hyperbolie>Hey kids, it’s Sunday! That means it’s time for another installment of my popular web series, Sunday’s Band That You’re Not Listening To…But Should!</hyperbolie> OK, I may have exaggerated with my use of the terms “popular”, “series”, and “Should”, but[…]

March 27 2011

Every Sunday, I’m going post music from a band that you’re probably not listening to, but should. It’ll be a pretty eclectic mix of music, and really the only genre that I expect to never suggest will be that New[…]