Archive: November 2003

November 30 2003

I’m the proud owner of a Toyota Prius. I’ve been telling everyone about how it was named Motortrend car of the year. In fact, Anthony made me mention it every time I was on stage while hosting last Tuesday, which[…]

November 20 2003

Yaaaaaaaaaay! I got my new car! I put 176 miles on it the first day- which at $1.65/gallon would have been $18.15 in gas with my Camaro at 16MPG, while with the Prius it is $5.48 at 53MPG- a savings[…]

November 17 2003

I just saw this picture on– uhhh, I know football has homoerotic undertones, but this is ridiculous.

November 17 2003

OK, a weird night at the Cock and Bull in Santa Monica (heh heh- I said “cock”). I did an OK set- I worked on standing still while telling my jokes. After Dixon Matthews pointed out to me that I[…]

November 10 2003

Hey, it’s been a while, but I’m back. I was in Pittsburgh for the weekend, and got to freeze my ass off at Heinz Field watching the Pitt Panthers beat the Virginia Tech Hokies. What the hell is a Hokie[…]